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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love yard sale season

At the beginning of yard sale season, the kids and I went hunting.  I found this sad dresser in someones yard.  The had a sign for $20 on it, I got it for $15 since they didn't want to carry it back in the house.  I love old, real wood furniture.  Someone had painted or stained this black, and it could have been perfect for that primative look.  but I really wanted to see what was under there.  So I stripped it.  And stripped it again.  Boy in the hot sun, the stripper kept drying on me, so I had to apply another layer. But then I was seeing the beautiful wood underneath.  So all I did was sand it, let it dry and applied wipe on poly in satin.  The details on this dresser are awesome.  i still haven't found the perfect place for it, so right now it's in my living room holding all our dvd's.

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