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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The chair that wasn't

So last year I picked up a few chairs at a yard sale.  I painted one and used an iron or transfer that I got from the Graphics Fairy site.  I couldn't sell it.  So it's been taking up room on my porch...

So I took the seat off and decided to make a planter for outside.  I need some curb appeal (cheaply)..

I can't wait for the flowers to fill out and drape over the sides!
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The weather and a new adventure!

The weather was nice for a little while and I did get outside and start a cute little pink stand.  Although I didn't realize that it had 2 broken legs, and the intricate wood detail on the front was so difficult to get the paint off.  I've gone through 2 cans of heavy duty stripper and yet, paint remains.

But here is the reason I haven't been doing much furniture or blogging for that matter.  I joined a wonderful company called It Works.  What is It Works you ask? Their best seller is called the Ultimate Body applicator, and it tightens, tones and firms your body in as little as 45 minutes. One month ago I tried a body applicator and was amazed at what it could accomplish in such a short time.  Not only did my fat belly shrink 6 1/2 inches, my stretch marks faded from a deep purple to skin tone. Here is what I looked like when I started...don't laugh, my body hates exercise.

Nope, no photo shop to make me look short and fat, that's the way I have been walking around for 9 years.  I eat right, get moderate exercise, have great muscle tone, and yet BLAH! So after a month and 4 wraps and some Greens (I sell those too), and Defining gel (still eating right, and still no vigorous exercise, although I did take the kids to the park so they could run, and I sprinted passed my son and he stopped in amazement). Here's me now! Still not done, but these all natural ingredients are amazing, and if you are interested let me know.