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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here I am trying my hand at some new painting technics. I fell in love with this dresser set and had to buy it immediately.  On my impulse buys I NEVER measure a thing.  The set has made my bedroom feel so small. My husband and I struggled to get the dresser out of the house so I could place it up for sale.  No one wanted it plain.

It has awesome details, so I thought I would throw some paint on it and see if I could sell it that day.

The rain was coming and I had no place to put her, there she sat in the driveway, posted on craigslist.  She was sold that night in a downpour!  So I had the nightstand that also needed to find a new home.
Same off white paint (love those messed up colors at Ace Hardware)!

The paint crackled itself, I don't know how or why, but I loved it!  Had to paint the handles a bright color!
But now she looked too CLEAN.
I went to Ace to see my hubby, no dark wax.  (I did pick up another can of paint that was FREE)! So I had wax at home and some black onyx stain, mixed them together and applied.

Posted her for sale, and sold it in less than 10 mins!  Plus the lady buying, is bringing me 2 tables to paint the same way!  I love my hobby!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Too busy to blog!

As far as getting furniture done, I have been too busy to sit her and think up funny things to say while posting pics of furniture.  Although I am on here everyday looking at all my favorite blogs, getting inspired by you all!  So here are a few pieces I have finished over the summer (and boy is it flying by).  I am so not ready to get into this homeschooling thing, we might take September off too!

I call her the BEAST!

A set of nesting tables, Beachy themed. I guess I never took a before.

My vintage gossip bench gets some color!

My $2 coffee table

I have more to post!