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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Curbside find tv stand

So I cruise craigslist 100 times a day, everyday...well that might be a little excessive but I scan it A LOT! Sent the hubs out one day after work to pick up just the bottom of a tv armoire. I knew that he wouldn't get the whole thing, so I asked for the bottom and the feet..

It's not the prettiest thing, and it was soooooo dirty.  It went on my porch and I walked past it everyday thinking.."What can I do with this?" So one day I got the saw out and cut about 9 inches off the back.  I primed the back half...should it be a shoe storage cabinet?  Should it be a kids kitchen? Should I replace the waterfall dresser I was using as a tv stand...
I've been thinking of cutting the back off this dresser because it stuck out too far from the wall. Still thinking...
Living room!  Well I love my red living room, and it's been red for about 4 years, but I haven't been happy with it. I have an obsession and a confession...I HAVE to rearrange my furniture at least once a month.  And in that process, I have to get new to me pieces of furniture for the new arrangements.
It's been cold, and yucky, so LET'S PAINT!
I also had to get a new coffee table..BEFORE
And since this rambling started with a curbside find...here's my new tv stand.
And one more of the living room transformation!
It's not done, but it's getting better!
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