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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ok, I took the plunge and tried milk paint!

So I got a phone call from one of my friends asking if I wanted her old reclining chair.  So I jumped in my husband's truck (first time driving it), and headed over to Leanne's house.  The chair was rough and I think too big of a job for me.  But as we were talking, she did mention that she had a 3 piece bedroom set for sale. Well I jumped on that...
I only have a picture of the one dresser...the other dresser and nightstand are shoved into my daughter's playhouse, and she's NOT happy about it.
I've been thinking about trying another paint company...my husband works at Ace Hardware, so for me, I get a quart of paint for about $5, and then I make my own chalk paint.  But everyone in blogland talks about Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seed..I just had to try one!  So I ordered 3 different colors and the furniture wax.
Today finally seemed a little like Spring..so I hauled the dresser outside by myself and started sanding and prepping.

I mixed up some Miss Mustard Seed paint in typewriter...

First coat, it's very runny, I had to move it into the grass, out boardwalk was getting speckled..

Then I mixed up some kitchen scale and did the drawers.  I don't think I mixed it well, the first coat was more blue than the 2nd coat.
Then I had to sand it smooth and add the wax...WOW, it looks amazing.  Not bad for my first time using milk paint.
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