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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The dresser that started it all!

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About 2 years ago I stopped at a yard sale with the kids in tow.  They hate yard sales.  Every weekend we jump in the mini van and travel around our town looking for good deals.  Well early in the spring, I found this dresser for $20.
I don't know if it was years of polish, wax or what.  But it was dirty.  Even the picture doesn't show how bad this thing looked.  But I picked it up for $15.  Asked my hubby to get me some stripper, and started my very first project!

All I did was strip her and add some wipe on poly in satin.  I was pleased.  It was used as a dresser, as an office storage unit, a dvd storage unit, a porch catch all.  For some reason I just couldn't part with it.  Well over the past 2 years I have had so many pieces in and out of this house, I have had comments on this dresser, but still would not sell.  I had to find a place in my home...a permanent place.
So I got out the paint brush, and the saw!  See the only flaw this piece had was after years of use the drawers didn't slide in even.  They went in then fell back. The wood was so worn down...
So now it is nicely displayed in my bathroom as a....