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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The dresser that started it all!

I'VE BEEN FEATURED on Photobucket

About 2 years ago I stopped at a yard sale with the kids in tow.  They hate yard sales.  Every weekend we jump in the mini van and travel around our town looking for good deals.  Well early in the spring, I found this dresser for $20.
I don't know if it was years of polish, wax or what.  But it was dirty.  Even the picture doesn't show how bad this thing looked.  But I picked it up for $15.  Asked my hubby to get me some stripper, and started my very first project!

All I did was strip her and add some wipe on poly in satin.  I was pleased.  It was used as a dresser, as an office storage unit, a dvd storage unit, a porch catch all.  For some reason I just couldn't part with it.  Well over the past 2 years I have had so many pieces in and out of this house, I have had comments on this dresser, but still would not sell.  I had to find a place in my home...a permanent place.
So I got out the paint brush, and the saw!  See the only flaw this piece had was after years of use the drawers didn't slide in even.  They went in then fell back. The wood was so worn down...
So now it is nicely displayed in my bathroom as a....




Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here I am trying my hand at some new painting technics. I fell in love with this dresser set and had to buy it immediately.  On my impulse buys I NEVER measure a thing.  The set has made my bedroom feel so small. My husband and I struggled to get the dresser out of the house so I could place it up for sale.  No one wanted it plain.

It has awesome details, so I thought I would throw some paint on it and see if I could sell it that day.

The rain was coming and I had no place to put her, there she sat in the driveway, posted on craigslist.  She was sold that night in a downpour!  So I had the nightstand that also needed to find a new home.
Same off white paint (love those messed up colors at Ace Hardware)!

The paint crackled itself, I don't know how or why, but I loved it!  Had to paint the handles a bright color!
But now she looked too CLEAN.
I went to Ace to see my hubby, no dark wax.  (I did pick up another can of paint that was FREE)! So I had wax at home and some black onyx stain, mixed them together and applied.

Posted her for sale, and sold it in less than 10 mins!  Plus the lady buying, is bringing me 2 tables to paint the same way!  I love my hobby!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Too busy to blog!

As far as getting furniture done, I have been too busy to sit her and think up funny things to say while posting pics of furniture.  Although I am on here everyday looking at all my favorite blogs, getting inspired by you all!  So here are a few pieces I have finished over the summer (and boy is it flying by).  I am so not ready to get into this homeschooling thing, we might take September off too!

I call her the BEAST!

A set of nesting tables, Beachy themed. I guess I never took a before.

My vintage gossip bench gets some color!

My $2 coffee table

I have more to post!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gossip Bench

Here I am again outside painting, sanding enjoying my hobby.  Picked up this little gossip bench at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure what way I wanted to go with it...paint it, or re-stain it.  But I have a friend that wanted to buy a desk and chair that I painted and needed off my porch.  She wanted the chair black and some kind of colorful seat.  So off to the store I went to find something colorful.  Here's the desk and chair..
I have never used those decorative tacks before and had smashed my fingers quite a few times.  So back to the gossip bench...I had a piece of fabric leftover and I still had some Ace paint "asparagus" and the greens matched.  I painted and then distressed, but I didn't like the effect, so right now it's outside drying again.  So picture it all green and no distressing.

I still have to stain the top and finish a few minor things, but I couldn't wait to share!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Perfectly Pink! NOT!

So  a lady on craigslist continues to post furniture and great prices, and I just can't resist buying almost everything she posts.  Now we are on a  private email....she asks me first if I want something before she posts on the site...LOL.  I love it!  I picked up this little pink stand from her a few months ago.  Stripping it gave me major headaches.  I don't know what kind of paint that was used, but it didn't want to come off.

The details were amazing.  The only problem was 2 legs were broken off and repaired with nails.  The wood is softer and I had a heck of a time getting the nails out, so I only repaired 1 leg.  I first painted this black, but I never took a picture.  I have ALWAYS wanted a silver piece, so I spray painted it.  I do need better handles (have to get to Hobby Lobby), but I love it! Hope you like it too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Brass chandelier

I have seen numerous blogs with painted chandeliers, and I wanted to do one myself.  So 2 weeks ago the kids and I went to a few yard sales.  As I was driving thru a community yard sale, I spied exactly what I was looking for.  I parked, jumped out and grabbed it (not like anyone else was looking at it..lol). $4 is what they were asking, so I put it in the truck and away we went to Ace for paint.

I was thinking of taking the lights off, and making it an outdoor chandelier with battery operated candles. But then my husband asked if I was going to hang it in the kids play house.  So that's where it's hanging at the moment.  Out of the way, still deciding electric or batteries.

We haven't finished the inside of the playhouse.  We are trying to reduce, reuse and recycle.  I'll post pics of the playhouse made from left over building projects and a torn down shed.

And I had to share how wonderfully these body wraps are that I have been using.  I wrapped my thighs 2 times, and I have seen a noticeable difference in the the smoothing of cellulite!
Thanks for reading!