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Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh craiglist...I love you.  Especially the curb alerts!  In yesterdays post there were pictures of boxes of yard sale left overs, and a large stack of chairs.  As I was telling my husband that I wanted one of the chairs that was sitting at the curb, I noticed in that small picture a corner of an old dresser, buffet, or something large sitting behind the chairs.  All I know was it had tall legs.  So off he went with the truck.  As he pulled into the driveway, I noticed he didn't have any chairs, but the truck was packed.  To my surprise I received 3 vintage dressers. Ohhhhh, and my first thought was my friend is lacking a tv stand!

My husband said he didn't want to break up the set, but unfortunately, one piece is going up the street when finished.  The veneer was peeling horribly.  I have never taken veneer off before.  I knew I needed heat, and I thought steam might work better.  I have an old clothes iron in my cupboard collecting dust, so I tried it.  Sitting in my living room I used the iron and a metal scraper and removed the veneer from 2 of the drawers.

After 5 hours of stripping, and sanding this dresser, this is how it turned out.

There are so many bug holes through this wood, I hope I can bring out the beauty of the holes (and still look good with their decor).  Tomorrow, picking paint or stain.

So we picked the stain Zarrs Rosewood.  Here's what it looks like with 2 coats of stain. Just have to get some cool knobs from Hobby Lobby!  There is a new shopping area near us that put a Hobby Lobby in. I could spend hours in there!

I wish the stain wouldn't have covered up all the bug holes in the wood, but the piece isn't for my house.  It's what my friend wanted.
Here is the tall dresser painted.  It's now in my son's room, couldn't get a good picture with all his stuff laying around, but it gives you an idea!

And while I was at it, this other dresser was spray painted primary red, blue and yellow (it was in my son's room but took up too much space). I couldn't sell it in primary colors, so I fixed it up, and a woman purchased it to use as a tv stand as well.



Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

WHAT!? Someone was just giving those away on the curbside?! I am so jealous- what a great find! I love what you did with them, they turned out great. Thanks for entering my giveaway- good luck!

Rachel said...

Thanks Rachelle! I love curb alerts and my hubby knows the look in my eye when I am going to send him out. The low one is at my friends house as her tv entertainment stand. We need to go to Hobby Lobby and get knobs and then I'll post a finished picture in her home. The tall was was just redone for my son's room. I'm posting a picture of that soon.