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Monday, October 3, 2011

This rain is making me crazy! I know, I shouldn't complain, there are states out there having raging fires and drought.  But it's been raining for months.  I need the sun!  And it's really difficult to do any painting in the rain.  i don't have a garage or shed/workshop for my projects, so I need a rain free day.  I've been doing some small projects around the house. I found a set of mirrors at a yard sale that I have painted.  And I have a few empty picture frames that I have painted the same color. My living room is a deep red, and my furniture is all neutral, so I need to add some more color. Here is a picture of the mirrors.

I also picked up a foot stool.  It's yellow and already chippy paint naturally.  I don't know if I'll paint it, and I am kind of liking the split seams.  It's in my living room now, the living room that is in total chaos!

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