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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

 I really didn't want to paint it with latex, so dear hubby had some other stuff laying around. So yesterday I started taking off all the old, dirty upholstery.There were so many staples and tacks, vintage items were built tough!  So here's a picture ..

My first post!

Wow, what a summer.  Things are winding down a little.  But slowing getting into teacher mode.  My soon to be 7 year old son is on his 2nd year of being home-schooled. And he is fighting me already after day 2. I really can't complain though, the little girl 2 houses away just started 1st grade (same grade as my son), and she looked at his work and gasped! I guess she hasn't learned this stuff yet.

So, I love to refurbish old, REAL wood furniture.  The other day on craigslist ( I am looking at craigslist at least 20 times a day), I find an old vintage sectional. Now this thing is not very pretty, but it was only $20. So the kids and I jumped in the mini van and off we went.  I am amazed I could get it to fit in there with 2 kids, but it did!  So yesterday hubby and I finally took it out of the van, and we talked about what the final product would look like.  We never agree.  Since I haven't sold anything on craigslist for a while, I figured if I wanted to get at least one section done, I'll have to use the materials I have on hand.