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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Lane Cedar Chest

Saw this sad looking chest on craigslist one winter day. The kids and I jumped in hubby's truck and off we went on an adventure. Why was it an adventure you ask? I rarely drive with snow on the ground, and never in my husband's truck. But I wanted it, and I was determined. The main roads weren't bad, but we turned off the main road and to the long, snow and ice covered driveway. You know the type that are never plowed, there are 2 tire tracks and a big pile of ice in the middle? UGH. Carefully I made it back the lane and into the  driveway. And was greeted by Jane (I have purchased several things from her before, but it was always in the summer)!
I am not sure how old it was, I am not good with that, but I never saw one on legs before and that's what drew me to it! I had to take the legs off and glue, and almost all the veneer was peeling. So I spent a day outside with my iron taking it all off. The I got to painting..my friend Angela wanted the chest and asked me to paint it Tiffany blue (not that I had any idea what color that was).
To Ace Hardware I went, and found a nice color in the oops section.

And I love the little lock detail, real wood! So cute! Angela loved it, and now I know what Tiffany blue is!

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Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

It turned out beautifully, definitely worth the drive!