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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old wash stand

So I have been cruising the yard sales and of course CL and have been on a furniture hiatus because there isn't anything out there in my price range.  Well Karen came thru again.  She posts a lot of items for sale and cheap. I got the bamboo chairs from her a few months back, painted them, and was sad when I sold them.  But today she posted a old wash stand that needs work.  Now I need your help. I need to sand it, but what color should I paint it?  Black and antique whites are out.  I need something to catch attention.  Now if I decide to keep this piece, most likely it will be in my living room. That's not a very good natural color of my room.  It's a dark cabin red.  My husband and I love the color, I have been thinking about changing it, and every time I ask him color he would like, he tells me to keep it red.  SOOOOOOO.  I need to add some color.

This was a similar color that we painted our apartment about 1 month before we bought a house.  But anyhow, my couch is now a dark brown, and I have 2 tan club chairs.  I really need to paint the 3 tall bookcases I has as well. So here is the new piece...
And I think I need to build a drawer, there are 2 pieces, but I really didnt get a chance to inspect it. I could also make it a shelf.  So what color do you think for an accent.

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