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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rescued shutters

Over the summer I sent my husband out on a curb alert.  There were old wood bifold doors and old wooden shutters laying at the end of a driveway.  My first project was a simple outdoor "plant" holder for my garden. The garden needed some height and color other than green.  So I found a plant stand online and copied it.
My husband got involved in the next project.  Well, let's just say he took over my idea and built a storage unit for behind my couch.
I still need to stain the top.  But it holds a lot, and is now sitting on my enclosed porch full of canning jars, shoes, and more!
I had another set of wood shutters that I painted a gray-blue color (I mixed my son's room color with a gray that I had laying around).  Then I left them outside all summer, fall and part of winter.  I just didn't know what I wanted to do with them.  Today I decided to hang them in my bathroom. They are a little taller than my window, so I may have to cut them, but after the hassle I had trying to hang them myself, and constantly dropping the screws before I got them in the wall, I was completely frustrated and just wanted them hung!

The blind that was hanging my the bathroom was probably 10 years old and dirt just as old. They came with the house.
I have a half-assed  beach theme started in the bathroom.I don't want it to scream tacky, but it's hardly finished. I like the weathered look.  Not sure if I should keep the curtain (there are shells on the trim, and the colors blend all the other colors together).  What do you think?

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