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Monday, November 14, 2011

She's SOLD!

I sold my first piece.  It was really difficult for me to part with this beauty. It was a dresser that my husband picked up along the side of the road for free. It was dirty, and I'm not sure if someone tried to paint over the varnish, or if it was so much furniture polish build up over the years.  Here's what she looked like before.

It took some elbow grease, but I got her all cleaned up.

I followed directions of many of my favorite bloggers a bout making your own chalk paint.  So I mixed up some black.  I left the drawer front and top natural, and painted the rest.
Here she is, and now making someone else very happy in their dining room as a buffet.

And while I waited 3 days for a buyer...lol, I followed more fav bloggers and made some drop cloth curtains for my living room. I bought a 9'X12' drop cloth at Ace Hardware (my hubby works there so I get decent discounts). Right now the are plain, I am trying to figure out if I want a design on them, or some trim for the edges.  Not sure right now.  But they are hanging.

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